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How many times have you discovered a new product which promises to deliver beautiful fragrance to your home or workplace? It happens to us all and we are taken in by the impressive and very persuasive advertising campaigns. We rush out and purchase it along with a few spare fragrance refills only to discover next time we visit the supermarket that the product design has been discontinued.

To add insult to injury, the new "even better than before" replacement product is so radically different it requires a different type of refill. Inevitably this means the refill you were looking to purchase has also been discontinued leaving you with no option but to purchase both housing and fragrance all over again. FRUSTRATING!!!

We have a solution for you. This solution will service you in the long term. It will enable you to try out many varieties of fragrance at very little additional expense. It comes in various disguises, one of which being electric, therefore providing a safe 24/7 usage. The product I am referring to is known as a Tart Burner.

What are Tart Burners?

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 A tart burner is essentially a small device, usually pottery or porcelain, which uses warmth to melt small fragranced waxed tarts. Usually, the wax tarts are housed above the heat source which varies from small tea lights to electricity. Rising in popularity are the electric variety since a one time purchase of the electric tart burner can sustain beautiful fragrance safely 24/7.

What is a Tart?

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Obviously, we are not referring to the recognised definition of the word. In this case a tart is basically a small biscuit of wax infused with a fragrance. Do not confuse this with biscuit shaped candles. The difference between a candle and a wax tart is a candle has a wick and a wax tart doesn't. The fragrance in the wax is usually generated from the presence of a scented oil. Over a period of time, as the wax melts, the scent from this oil will be dispersed into the room. When the scent begins to fade, the wax tart requires replacement. To do this effectively and safely, remove the heat source, allow the wax to cool and then it should be easy to remove it from the warming plate.

What you can do with your Tart Burner?

There are numerous ways in which you can utilize your Tart Burner. If you are selling your house, why not use a spice fragranced tart such as cinnamon to create the illusion of freshly baked cakes? If you have pets or strong odours within your home, choose a wax with an appropriate odour eating fragrance. If you have a pretty floral room, then increase the floral effect with a rose scented wax or whatever takes your fancy really. If you have restless children during the night, perhaps a nice calming camomile. For hay fever or winter cold symptoms just add some Eucalyptus oil to a melted wax tart which has lost its fragrance. The possibilities are endless.

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Tart Burner Don'ts:

In order to use your Tart Burner safely, it is important to bear in mind the following considerations.

1. Choose your wax tarts carefully. Remember when it melts, the wax will be in liquid form so quantity matters. Do not overfill your tart burner with wax to avoid spills. It is therefore advisable to purchase your wax tarts from a reputable retailer.

2. Don't use your tart burner as an oil burner unless the manufacturers instructions permit it. Oil Burners are not the same as Tart burners, although some can be operated as both.

3. As with all room fragrancers, safe usage is a must. Tart burners are very safe and easy to use. They can be left for long periods of time at no risk, however, be sensible as to where they are located. Ideally leave them out of the reach of small children and pets.

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Tart Burner Do's:

1. Do have fun with your tart burner and vary the wax tarts that you purchase. People can become used to one particular fragrance and will not notice it is still there after a period of time. Varying the fragrance will increase your appreciation of it.

2. Do look at different styles when looking to purchase your Tart Burner. There is such a wide array of options to suit everyones style and tastes. There is the more traditional pottery designs and also the more modern and contemporary designs such as glass. Such great variety can allow you to choose a Tart Burner which is in keeping with the theme of your room.

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